Star Wars Poster by Jaja Poupou


I can’t stop watching this gif witout the Cantina Band song from the original movies.

[Jaja Poupou]


Entangled beards

RLB link images entangled beards

– Great lamps with optical illusion by Bulbing Light.

– Let’s hope this Serif TV comes to USA, at least there i can see it at the store display.

– Do you liked Tamagotchi? Well this is an app alike but with the stlye of Wednesday Wolf [Grumploid]

-Illustrator takes photos of random people and transforms them into cartoons. [Julio Cesar]

Artisanal Firewood, i wish people take my work seriously like Smoke & Flame Co. (Humour)

– The stages a hero have to pass through in almost every story. [The Hero’s Journey]

A unicorn teaches how it needs to poop

– This is definitely the robot i’m looking for. [BB-8 toy]

Dismaland by Banksy

The antagonist of Disneyland had came and it was made thanks to Banksy and other 47 artists. In this park they made a representation of their view from the real world around the little bubble fantasy which Disney make us think with their movies and parks made it like a fairy tale.
I guess this is pretty much like and adult version of what Disney it should be to us by the time we grow up.